My education is routed in Geography, however this is somewhat extraneous as the fascinating subject has such breath you can really study everything and anything. At University, I focused on the human side of the discipline and in my third year, specialised in economic geography. Most of my research was about the seismic shift in how we, as a society, operate. Services such as Amazon Prime and Uber have led all of us to have an expectation of immediacy. This formed the topic for my dissertation, which proved a fascinating piece of research.

Whilst at University I began to realise the unparalleled power of digital. The social impact is clear but the huge size of the UK's internet economy is only going to continue to experience exponential growth and is predicted to double in the next 5 years. Studies show that it takes less than 2 seconds for someone to form an opinion of you or your business based on your online presence. This can be especially important from young professionals trying to break into an already tough job market!

I am currently based in Bristol and loving the satisfaction of running my own businesses. It can be immensely stressful at times but coffee always keeps me going! Having a part to play in making real positive changes to existing businesses is very rewarding and the fascinating people I meet along the way make it all the more interesting.

Whenever I get a chance, I escape to Cornwall to visit my family and get out on the tough links golf courses. There's just something about the land beyond the Tamar! Although being in a city surrounded my friends and my team is brilliant for collaboration, I am often longing for a surf or cliff path walk!

Most people have a specific job title, but none seem to sit right with me. I'm not a developer or designer (although I can dabble at both) nor am I pro golfer (yet!). I seem to do a bit of everything and manage to keep various projects on track. Sort of a jack of all trades and master of none!

I am however a bit of a perfectionist. In everything I do the goal is always to make a difference and improve something. Whether it be a Spydr project, a new Cove product or a change in my golf swing, i'll keep working at it until it is just right. It's often a long process with a huge number of mistakes along the way, but I always seem to get there in the end!

Everything seems to change everyday, especially at the moment with the unprecedented global situation we find ourselves in. Who knows whether I'll be doing any of the things I do today in 10 years time. My generation are fully aware they need to be in a constant state of flux and be able to adapt to whatever is thrown at them. I am always looking for the next great idea or challenge. If you think I could be an asset or would like some advice, feel free to get in touch!

The Goal? Simple.
Make a Difference.

In everything I do, I aim to improve something for somebody. Whether it be boosting sales for clients or furthering the sustainable movement the goal has got to be to have a positive impact. Otherwise what's the point!

My Companies

Nomad Creators

In an increasingly competitive digital space, it is more important than ever to set your brand and it's products apart from the rest. There is simply no point in recycling the same tired images that your audience have seen hundreds of times. We work with incredible brands to produce tailored content that captures attention and increases sales.

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Spydr Digital

With clients across the UK, Spydr offers a plethora of premium digital services. Whether you want to launch a social media marketing campaign, a new website or an epic TV advert Spydr can deliver. Comprised of a small team of like minded millennials, Spydr is ideally placed to deliver excellence.

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Cove Clothing

Founded in 2019, Cove is so much more than just a sustainable clothing brand. Not only are all their products made from 100% recycled materials but they also plant a tree for every sale they make. The initial product lines have now sold out and the next release of exciting products are only weeks away!

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