👋 Hey! I’m Tom, I am 

 based in Bristol. I work with disruptive companies and ensure they make a real difference.

My Companies:

I partner with epic brands and help to make a difference.

The digital world is incredibly powerful. As a millennial, I grew up completely immersed online. This ideally positions my generation to identify the latest trends and deploy them to the benefit of others.

Over the last few years I founded Spydr Digital, Cove Clothing and Nomad. Whilst all three are young companies, they are already making waves in their respective sectors.

I always endeavour to approach everything with a determination to do my bit to make it better. There is a huge amount of pride to be gained from helping to have a positive impact on people's lives even if it be indirectly. I am hugely grateful to have a brilliant team around me working on some awesome projects! However, I am always looking for the next challenge or idea. If you have any ideas of projects you think I can be an asset to, you are welcome to get in touch!

My Companies

Nomad Creators

In an increasingly competitive digital space, it is more important than ever to set your brand and it's products apart from the rest. There is simply no point in recycling the same tired images that your audience have seen hundreds of times. We work with incredible brands to produce tailored content that captures attention and increases sales.

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Spydr Digital

With clients across the UK, Spydr offers a plethora of premium digital services. Whether you want to launch a social media marketing campaign, a new website or an epic TV advert Spydr can deliver. Comprised of a small team of like minded millennials, Spydr is ideally placed to deliver excellence.

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Cove Clothing

Founded in 2019, Cove is so much more than just a sustainable clothing brand. Not only are all their products made from 100% recycled materials but they also plant a tree for every sale they make. The initial product lines have now sold out and the next release of exciting products are only weeks away!

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3 regular thoughts...

  1. Help clients take advantage of the power of digital
  2. Golf swing technique
  3. Coffee...

The combination of these three things has led to some good successes so far. Managing my own digital startup was (still is) a huge challenge, however two years in and I have a small team managing a wide variety of clients' projects across the UK.

Furthermore, running Cove has forced me to develop an entirely new set of skills at a pretty rapid pace. Persuading people to invest in your business based purely on it's ethical morals and one successful product line was possibly the hardest business challenge to date.

It is easy to forget the failures endured along the way (3 failed businesses to be precise). Mistakes are part and parcel of any business, however having a great team around you helps to (sometimes) stop you making one!

I am current at the University of Nottingham completing a MSc in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, my businesses keep me extremely busy. Spydr's clients and ongoing projects require constant attention and communication with the team. Cove is much the same, however there are often mega busy periods around launches.

When I am not working I am often found on the golf course. I regularly compete in competitions across the south west and have big aspirations.

However, when I can't be found, I am more often than not in Kernow. There is nothing quite like sitting outback on your board waiting to ride the perfect wave into the beach!

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