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Spydr partners with disruptive companies from around the globe and guides them through the digital world.

Navigating the new digital age and staying up to date with all the latest trends can be daunting. At Spydr, we provide our clients with the whole digital package, so that they can focus on running their business and not get distracted by web updates.

Given the depth of our team and utilised cutting edge technologies, Spydr can provide a huge range of premium services. These are generally split up into three main categories: web design & development, digital marketing and digital services.

The core principle of Spydr is that we never cut corners. If things can be improved, we improve them. I am absolutely determined to maintain our 100% satisfaction rate and to never leave a client less than thrilled by their partnership with us. This commitment is unparalleled in the industry and ensures that we differentiate from the competition.

Where it all began

The digital world has always been a fascination of mine. I love hearing the old stories of how my Grandpa used to put adverts in the local paper and hand out leaflets at various networking events he attended in the village hall. Fast forward 50 years and we consistently micro-target more than a million people with tailored ads every month on behalf of our clients. That change is so profound it's almost not worth comparing the two!

Although our projects are rarely introducing such profound change, there are still people and businesses lacking decades behind when it comes to utilising digital. I first realised this after chatting through the marketing techniques my grandparents used (none) to attract members to their rowing club. Soon after I set my mind to helping improve this. Very quickly I had to learn the basic marketing tools, not forgetting the huge task of designing and coding a website from scratch. The project was widely successful; they hit membership capacity within 6 months and had their most successful rowing season to date the following year. Although the struggle was extremely frustrating, it's eventual success made me realise it could make a real difference. Spydr was born.


As with any startup, the first few months are the toughest. Getting clients whilst at school, with practically zero technical knowledge and zilch business skills proved an impossible task. During this time I made some great contacts and began to build up knowledge and appreciation for the vast industry I was trying to break into. After doing some work for friends and friends parents, Spydr started to gain some traction from personal recommendations. It was through one of these projects that I met Tom Cattini. Tom's (yes it gets confusing sometimes) incredible design skills have been instrumental to the recent growth Spydr has enjoyed. As Head of Design, Tom C's job is to ensure all our projects have a fantastic UI & UX (look pretty and work well).

Where we are now

Today Spydr is a team of five young professionals managing around 50 clients and projects across the globe. We are located primarily in Bristol but we are rarely all in the same place for any great length of time. All of our systems run on dedicated servers located across Europe and the team can offer (almost) 24/7 support for our clients if they need it.

We have recently launched Engage which is a subscription based social media marketing program (it's mouthful I know). This allows our client's to reap the benefits of the most powerful marketing tool of all time (social media), without having to spend hours doing it all themselves.

The Future

Oh what I would pay to be Marty McFly and steal Doc's DeLorean for a quick trip into the future. Unfortunately, that might disrupt the time continuum so probs not a good idea (if you don't understand, well wtf...?). Who knows what will happen in the future. The plans are to continue to expand Spydr's client base whilst maintaining our current 20% MoM growth. Hopefully we can improve all of our products and services we offer with every project bettering the last. That being said, if you have a project of idea that we can help with, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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