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About Cove

Cove creates sustainable products which embody the sea to the city lifestyle. The high quality and environmental commitment distinguish Cove from the rest.

Where it all began

Whilst at University I became increasingly involved with the environmentalist movement. I have always done my best to recycle but always wanted to make a bigger difference. In November of 2019 I was out for a surf in Cornwall with a friend and we dreamt up the idea of a sustainable yet affordable clothing brand that embodies the surf to the city lifestyle that we so love. It seemed just a dream at first but 6 months on and here we are!


The brand is built on three main fundamentals; sustainability, adventure and friendship. Our fantastic ambassadors don't just promote our products but share our message and values. It is so cool to be a small part of the adventures others go on; inspired by and wearing our products.

We always, and will always, be inclusive to everyone. Cove is a unisex brand as we want anyone to feel as though they can buy any of our products. Furthermore, we are happy to support people in multiple different ways. If you don't feel able to buy any of our products and are struggling to make ends meet, reach out to us and we will see what we can do. These fundamental principles were essential for me to be proud of the brand i'm building. In this respect, we will never change.


The initial dream was a sustainable brand. In the months and months of planning, I spent the majority of it completely focused on how I could make the brand more sustainable. Eventually we decided on 5 pledges that we will not break.

Our Sustainability Commitments

Use ZERO plastic

Plant a tree for every product sold

Use the most environmental materials we possibly can

Only work with ethically certified companies

Aim to become carbon negative

The Future

We are currently working on our next product lines. Our sweatshirts have been trialled and approved for manufacture and we have 6 new t-shirt designs coming out in the next few weeks. Furthermore, I am looking to bring a marketing manager on board to help run the instagram. We are also in negotiations with several brands to stock our products! Fingers crossed that the growth continues and we can continue to bring affordable, sustainable clothes to people around the UK!

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