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October 14, 2020

Social Media can make or break a business.

Marketing of today is different to how it was last year and unrecognisable from merely ten years ago. Social media is the single fastest growing market for advertising and it is only going to get bigger. Huge companies (like Gymshark) credit their success to the power of social media and even go as far as to say that without their companies wouldn't exist. Whether you are just getting started or are an established company, utilising social media to you advantage is a must. Not because it is the "in thing", because it isn't a fad. Businesses like yours are targeting their preferred target market with ads on a daily basis and, in order to compete, you should do the same. In fact, 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to their friends if they have had a positive experience with that brand on social media.

What do you mean by 'social media'?

Simple: any app or website which enables people to connect and engage with their friends or family is a social media. And you can count on it's revenue being generated by adverts.

The largest social media platforms are as follows:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Instagram
  4. TickTock
  5. Twitter

Should my brand have several social media accounts?

Absolutely. Social media accounts are free to set up and only take 5 minutes of your time, so why wouldn't you? However, having a social media account and not using it (often called a ghost account) will have a negative effect on your brand. The benefits are paramount, but make sure that you use it. A few posts a week will suffice but one a day is optimum. Furthermore, if you use a publishing tool such as buffer then, you only need to write your post once, in one place, and it will take care of posting it to all your relevant channels.

What's the main advantage for marketers?

The goal of any marketing campaign is to show the optimal audience effective adverts that help your business grow/make sales. Years ago, people would put an advert in the local paper or a specific magazine which would be read by a huge cross section of people. Today, with the power of social media targeting tools, you can target a specific social group with defined interests. Facebooks neuro-targeting engine allows you to break down your target audience into a whole host of different traits such as: gender, age, location as well as specific interests. So instead of the old ad in the local paper being read by your target audience one in ten times, you can ensure that your ads see the largest return possible by only being shown to your target audience.

Should my website link to social media and which one is more important?

For the moment, a website is most essential, however the exponential growth of social media ensures that it is not far behind. Think of social media as a marketing tool that drives consumers to your website. Without your website you can't do all the fundamentals, such as sell products or take bookings. However, without social media, you will see significantly less consumers visit your site. There must be a balance between the two, however both are imperative to ensure the growth and expansion your company desires.

What should I post?

It is imperative that your social media content accurately represent your brand. Try to ensure that your photos are of a high quality and have some link to your business operations. You could post information about on going projects, products or changes.

Cove has been my most recent marketing project. In two months we managed to grow the instagram account from 0 followers to almost 1k. Our engagement is strong at just over 10% and we can credit almost 65% of all our total sales to our various social channels. We currently use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis.

Engaging social media content can also help boost you websites SEO (search engine optimisation). Very simply, the more audience engagement you can generate on your socials not only boosts sales etc, but also means that your website will rank higher in google. This means that any potential consumers/clients who search for your company online won't have to scroll through 87 pages to find you!

Can you help me?

Absolutely. My company, Spydr Digital operate a subscription based social media marketing program called Engage. This allows our marketing experts to ensure your social media accounts are as effective as they can be. It also means that you can focus on the important bit of running your business, whilst we work on helping you to grow. We offer a rolling month to month subscription which is hassle free and easy to cancel!

If you have any other questions about social media marketing, i'll happily answer them. Feel free to email me a question or get in touch on my various social media channels!

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