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January 11, 2022

Fact: Engaging Content is Pivotal to Digital Success.

You have 1.8 seconds to capture someone attention on Social Media.

My work at Spydr has proven the incredible importance of optimising a brand's digital presence. Never before has there been such a powerful marketing tool and thus it should absolutely used, but it must be used in the right way. In an increasingly competitive world, one of our core foci at Spydr is ensuring our clients stand out online. Fundamental to an effective online presence is sharing engaging and informative content with your target audience, however often brands don't quite appreciate the power of their online presence and as a result don't invest in their content.

A recent study showed that the average social media user will look at a post for 1.8 seconds. That's it. This really rung home with us and illustrated how much thought needs to go into each and every post to ensure it doesn't get lost in the ether. Furthermore, as environmentalism becomes increasingly trendy and plays an growing role in consumerism, natural lifestyle photography has become a sought-after craft.

Running both Cove and Spydr gave me a unique positionally when dealing with this very issue. Increasing Cove's engagement was paramount to the success of our Autumn Collection yet that incurred both a content creation and an advertising cost. Previously, we had used an in-house photographer and I had even taken some of the content myself! Looking back on that now I realise how, although it seemed the correct thing to do at the time, it greatly hindered our progress. In order to try and solve this problem, we began working with some immensely talented photographers to run styled shoots for Cove. The results astounded me and we quickly saw a drastic growth in our sales.

Having truly experienced the value of incredible content first hand, I wanted to try and produce the same effects for my Spydr clients. I knew that to be a success, the content produced must be second to none and so I immediately sought my favourite creators (Grace Elizabeth and Lydia Cooke)! After some very excited discussions and a lot of coffee, I launched Nomad - with both of them onboard! One month later and we have bookings for the next 6 months and are incredibly proud of the success of our first commercial shoot. Although I setup and manage the shoots, I cannot explain how unbelievably impressed I am every single time with the results. I am super proud of the whole team and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

What Is Nomad?

Very simply, Nomad is a content creation agency that produces attention grabbing content for epic brands that helps to increase sales. We are committed to only working with sustainable/ethical brands that we believe in.

Comprised of a multi disciplined award-winning team, our synergy allows us to to produce higher quality content, in numerous forms, faster and at a more effective price point than any individual creator can. We can offer an entirely bespoke service to brands of all sizes as well as our regular shoots, which work on a package basis. Even at our regular shoots, we work with our brands to ensure we deliver the most effective content possible - from scouting additional locations to working with specific models, we go above and beyond to ensure we deliver.

To find out more, head to nmdcreators.com or catch us on social media!

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