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Dissertation: Influencer or Imposter?

In an industry worth over £10bn annually, social media stars generate huge amounts of revenue from amassing a highly engaged following online. Never before has a marketing tool been so powerful.

This dissertation aims to understand just how influential influencers really are. If you can spare 2 minutes, I'd be extremely grateful if you'd fill a very short survey in!

Influencer or Imposter?

The exponential growth of the digital economy over the last two decades has resulted in a fundamental change to the way in which global commerce operates. In an increasingly competitive digital market, brands often utilise micro-influencers to boost sales.

Over the last two years, I have been running a digital marketing agency as well as sustainable clothing brand and have been amazed at the power of the digital economy. The number of brands using influencers is growing exponentially and research into the ever-changing concept is minimal. As a result, I have decided to focus my dissertation on this fascinating topic!

I'd be extremely grateful if you would spare 2 minutes to fill in the below form to aid my research!

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